We do not want to become the "biggest" among metal spinning companies, but rather the finest address when it comes to sophisticated metal spinning parts such as dished heads, flat bottoms, conical par

In our more than 75-year company history, we have specialized in the production of high-quality spinning parts. Experience, know-how and reliability as your spinning parts supplier form the basis for a cooperative partnership. The basis for a successful end product is formed by our valuable and valued employees, who, in combination with an efficient machine park, realize everything that has been conceived and planned in dialogue with you. Only a positive development process leaves a positive impression. We are fully committed to this. We do not need to hide from any competitor in terms of skill, innovation and flexibility either, because three generations of experience now flow through our veins.

Spinning parts topic overview

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Here are some of our work results

Hommel — Allways in good shape!


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We are certified

As a company, we consistently emphasize top quality and are thus certified in accordance with AD2000-Merkblatt W0. We meet the requirements

  • Facilities that allow proper and state of the art manufacturing and testing
  • Quality assurance that ensures production and testing of the product forms mentioned in our report in accordance with the Technical Rules
  • expert supervisory and testing personnel

We are proud of this. And that pleases not only us, but also our valued customers.

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