Apprenticeship in metal spinning

Precise metal forming with sure instinct and brains

  • Do you want to be educated within a working environment which is up to date and do you want to engage closely with experts in metal spinning?
  • Do you possess technical skills, enjoy technical things and good performance, and are youenthusiastic incurrent metal spinning technology?
  • Do you emphasise job variation?
  • Do you want a secure employment?
  • Do you already think about the time after your apprenticeship?
  • Do you want to be a valuable employee in our team?

Nowadays, the occupation metal spinner is of central importance, as it provides different sectors with high quality parts made ofmetal sheets. Without these goods, the manufacture of several products within the plant engineering and tank construction sector, the medicine sector, the engineering sector, the light engineering sector and many others would not be realisable.

As a metal spinner you will produce anything which the market is demanding, concerning metal spun products. For the manufacture you will have a wide range of metal spinning machines available, which are mostly PNC/CNC controlled. This occupation is very demanding, as it requires a lot of skill and accuracy in order to produce a high performance product according to the order of the customer, which needs to fulfil all technical measurements. At the beginning, you will learn the basics of rotation-symmetrically metal forming with help of several different practical exercises like the construction of an egg cup or a television tower. Afterwards, you will improve your skills and bring them to perfection by the implementation of other production techniques (especially concerned with the CNC controlled machines). Having finished your apprenticeship (which lasts for 3 years) you will have opportunities for occupation all over the world.

Are you interested?

We are looking forward to receive your complete and meaningful application for employment, including your CV and a copy of your two latest school certificates.